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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> the phone hacking scandal deepens. a hostage siege in ma ladies and gentlemen,ya comes to an end. children and teachers are released unharmed. >> a collision in northern india carrying wedding guests kills 38 people. >> welcome to "bbc world news." also in this program, battling in the village from the capital , tripoli. >> and a decade after it all began, the eighth and final harry potter movie is to premiere.
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>> hello. thanks for being with us. some of the families of british soldiers who died in afghanistan are upset the phones of the victims may have been hacked into. the detectives for news of the world were found to have information leading to this thought. >> they pride themselves on supporting british soldiers. now it's alleged to have been responsible for hacking into the phones of those families. the reaction has been one of anger. >> well, i suppose some of the families are upset that the
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phones were hacked. >> news international said it would be appalled and horrified if there were any truth in the allegations and said they are friends of the service men and the support for the military over the years has been true and will continue to be so. the editor told staff yesterday there was a great deal of anger directed at the newspaper and it's an -- that an extremely painful period lie ahead. now all eyes fall the head rupert merdock. critics say he should be here in the u.k. answering questions about the conduct of his journalists. matt, "bbc world news." >> let's speak to our political
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correspondent joining us now from westminster. >> this all started about celebrities' voice mails being hacked into. but over the past few days this has really developed. >> yes. and just when you think this has gotten as bad as it could get, the latest claims that the families of dead soldiers were hacked is particularly disturbing and raises more and more difficult questions for the police in britain. because originally the police said they looked into the allegations and said it was just a few isolated incidents and that there wasn't any need to investigate further and that now poses the question that either there was some kind of coverup at scotland yard or they just didn't think those allegations were serious enough to warrant investigation. and as we've now seen such as
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the phone a murdered school girl having had her phone hacked, this has really blown up. >> it's difficult for police, but how difficult is it now for politicians like the prime minister? >> it is difficult. all recent prime ministers have tried to keep on the right side of rupert merdock and news international, because they own about 40% of the british media. so they are very powerful. but many say that now has to change and there was a sense that proops for too long there had been too much deference for titles like news of the world and david cameron is vulnerable on this, because he has links to two former editors from news
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of the world. one was a worker for him and another was a friend. >> police say they have taken control of a kindergarten where around 30 children and teachers were being held hostage. a man who was armed barged into the school southeast of the capital and held pupils hostage. let's get the latest from the malaisian capital. we believe police managed to subdue the man? >> yes. police stormed the school. they ended the nearly 7-hour standoff. this man walked into the school earlier this morning on thursday and had taken about 30 children and some teachers hostage. it's not clear whether he was arm or not but some say he was holding a hammer and possibly a knife. there was a similar incident that happened last year at a
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kindergarten in the same area and thee children were attacked at that time, and after that time schools were put on high alert and told to put measures in place to help protect the students in the future. >> the hostages in this case all released unharmed? >> yes. that's what the authorities are saying. but they have been taken to a hospital for check-ups just in case. >> that's the latest. thank you very much indeed. >> the new york district attorney rejected and released a request to resign. police are asking for the woman accusing him of rape did not release some documents. >> a u.s. appeals court said openly gay men and women must
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be allowed to serve in the military. >> heavy rains across china have killed at least 25 you know what i mean less than a week according to a china easy media. the deaths add to more than 260 people killed or missing last month after floods in eastern and southern china. the number of people killed in an horrific bus crash in india is rising. 38 people are now feared dead after a bus collided with a train on an unmarked railway crossing. the accident happened in the early hours of the morning. near delhi. the bus was carrying around 70 passengers leaving a wedding party. reports now from the capital.
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>> we have just received a statement. it's said at least 38 passengers have died and 33 have been injured. those injured, three have been sent for better treatment, and the local people are saying some people are still missing, because the bodies were mutilated and chopped off, so people are -- if they are complaining about missing people, the government is releasingal information from the delhi prime minister has ordered a high-level inquiry and sent a minister. he has blamed the driver of the bus for this tragic accident. according to the railway
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chairman, there was a quarrel between the driver and bus and some say there was quarrel between the director but somehow the driver is being blamed and the other thing is the railway officials are saying now they are going to run a campaign to tell people that there should be -- that they should be very careful while crossing unmanned crossings. >> aaron is here for business. the news corporation, what's going on in the u.k. over the phone hacking scandal and the news of the world. >> yes, shareholders have been dropping. we know the costs are mounting. around $2.3 billion has been
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wiped off the value of news corp's shares in the last couple of days, though we're also starting to see the loss in the advertising revenue, mitsubishi, halifax and the u.k. version of some big names. it's important to note the u.k. newspaper part of the empire only represents 4% of group sales. but if you look, for example, at the cost of news of the world, the profits they contribute and the weekday paper, the sun, it's about $138 million. for a global empire that makes hand in earnings about $3 billion a year, they can probably handle a loss in advertising revenue and readers. but they've also got the possible conference ensation coming up from the alleged
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victims of the phone hacking. sienna miller's phone was hacked and received a settlement of $160,000 u.s. dollars. if you multiply that times alleged victims, $32 million is what it comes closer to. we'll have a look at the european central bank. likely to go up with interest rates today. more on that coming up. >> state media in china dismiss reports a head has tied. culminating reports that said he was dead. from beijing is our correspondent. martin, what has been fueling all this speculation? >> well, these rumors started
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last week because he failed to show up to the celebration marking china's communist party's 90th anniversary. his colleagues were there. so his absence was all the more conspicuous. so what we then saw was speculation on the stpwhearnt he was very ill or had died then reports on hong kong the and reports in japan and south korea saying the former chinese leader had indeed died. now the authorities have come out and said so far this is pure rumor. what we do know, however is that the government's answers are blocking his name on the internet. so there's almost this absurd information because the name means river in chinese, so anybody here in china looking for information will turn up an
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error sign. >> thank you. now catching up with sports news. developments in turkey. 2 match-fixing scandal over there. >> yes. serious developments. seem to be going to the highest level of turkish football. one of the most successful clubs, 18-time champions and their president has had an arrest warrant issued for them. we have 59 arrest warrants all having to do with a big match-fixing scandal. the players seem to have been playing badly or poorly. going through all levels in the
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turkish government saying they will come down tough with measures. but also what happened in italy in 2005-2006 and in korea, they had 46 indictments which adds to the 15 they already had involving gamblers. also the globalization of football. so you can bet suddenly on a match in south korea in the second division or something like that, which didn't happen before very much. >> yes. thank you very much indeed. you're watching "bbc world news." still to come, much more to come on the phone hacking scandal involving rupert merdock. >> in cambridge, the canadian
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leg of the trip is closed. the next stop for the royal couple will be calgary. before that they visited slave lake, a town recently devastated by forest fires. >> two months ago it was a town in despair, overwhelmed by wildfires. william and kate asked to visit the town of slave lake in what had been planned as a private day. much of the fires engulfed much of the town. they went on to meet the people of slave lake who only discovered yesterday they were coming. the purpose of the visit was to try to thrift spirits of people who had been through a traumatic few weeks. william did much the same in new zealand, but for kate, this will be the first time she's come face-to-face with people
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who've endured so much hardship. as with everywhere, they took their time listening to people who wanted to share their stories with them. >> oh, it was just the thrill of a lifetime. >> he's my fourth generation of seeing them. >> the visit to canada is drawing to a close. william nor kate minor the people who have come out to see them will forget. the couple's last stop in canada is here the canadian boomtown city of calgary. where they will launch the annual row dayo calgary stampede. >> the pro democracy leader has attracted hundreds of emotional supporters. she is traveling with her son on her first trip outside since her release from house arrest.
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>> you're watching "bbc world news." name london. our headlines. britain's phone hacking scandal grows. news the phones of those killed in action were hacked. and a man took 30 children and school teachers hostage. but they have been released unharold. >> rupert merdock started a newspaper when a subsid area -- let's go to sydney and speak to the media-watched program. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> rupert murdoch, an australian, and how much coverage is it getting over there? >> in his newspapers, almost
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nothing. on page 18 there's a tabloid paper that is owned by news limited. the rival fairfax papers have given it a bit more, but i would hardly say it's beaning. >> has there in your knowledge ever been an episode hike this in any kind of media? this phone hacking that really seems to be going global every day. >> knowing mr. murdoch and his empire as we do, it's even more fascinating. it may even play into more sha nan gans going on here. but to answer your question, i don't think we have had or are likely to have more like this. because our media environment is less competitive than britain's. we don't have a slew of newspapers competing with each other. we have individual cities with individual newspapers.
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most of them only one newspaper and most of the cities are owned by rupert murdoch. >> and i know there's real competition rather in the tabloid press and between television news programs. >> yes. our job so look at exactly this kind of stuff going on and hopefully if this had been happening here, news of the world would have heard about it but in these competing early evening current affairs programs on television. 6, 7 and 9 have competing programs at 6:30 at night, and they are ferociously competing and that's where you get this rush to the bottom and desperate sorts of stories and trying to outdo the other one on the same story, but even there they certainly use private detectives at timets
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and have been known to pursue people and surveillance and stuff like that, but i've never heard hacking phones or emails of yet, not to say it's never happened. >> thank you. abc's media watch, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> now rebel leaders in misratah say progress has been hampered by lack of ammunition. wednesday officials in the rebel-held city say 17 of their fighters were killed and more than 16 loyal to colonel gaddafi have been locked in stalemate to the west of misratah for more than six weeks. let's speak to our correspondent in misratah and given the developments, how are rebels there viewing the latest campaign? >> well, i've just been speaking to the man who is chief coordinator between the rebels here and the rebel
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alliance. we've heard complaints about the lack of involvements from the rebels. today he's been specific. he says when nato planes are in the sky, we do hear and see them from time to time, colonel gaddafi forces cannot fire their rockets at the position but as soon as the nato planes leave the sky the rockets start falling like rain. this is what's causing the heavy casualties saying 17 of their fighters are killed and 16 more wounded only yesterday. one other thing he mentioned was ammunition. he says the rebels are short of ammunition and that's another thing that's holding them back from their push towards tripoli. of course libya is under an international arms 'em bargaina and saying they are having difficulty resupplying themselves. so these two things are according to this rebel coordinator are really holding
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back that rebel advance to the west. >> misratah has been through some pretty rough times, gabe real. what's life like there for the people at the moment? >> well, life continues not quite as normal, but they are doing their very best. an army of volunteers has been here directing traffic, keeping shops open and things working as best as they can. there are queues for bread, but not huge ones. people inside city can carry on their life and things are much, much better than they were in the heavy days of fighting in april when it was street-to-street and house-to-house. people are still traumatized by that. the city surrounded with the sea on one side and colonel gaddafi's forces a few kill meerts away to the west. and there's a certain mood of defiance here. the people know were the tide to change, which they believe and hope won't happen. but were that to happen, they
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really have nowhere to go. so a very de finet mood. we saw thousands of people coming out on the streets, waving flags a sort of defiant nod to colonel gaddafi to say we won't be cowed. i think there's a certain amount of frustration. >> thank you. bringing you breaking news, officers from london's metropolitan police service and came brin police here in the u.k. have arrested a man wanted by spanish authorities in connection with the attempted assassination of the king of spain. terrorism and other serious offenses. he was arrested in an armed operation earlier in cambridge. we will bring you more on that. >> film premieres are usually glittering events. but the final harry potter movie will be out, and hundreds
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of fans camped overnight in order see the stars. >> one british icon. thousands have been gathering to celebrate another. >> give me the sword! >> it's been like 11 years in everyone's eyes. especially when you were a little kid when you started to see this. >> we've grown up with them. >> to camp out for a film premiere seems extreme, but you get it? >> it's the last chance i'm going to get. i think it's worth it. >> from across the world they've come. queuing with some 8,000 wristbands. you don't get to see one, just the chance to hopefully catch a
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glimpse of its stars. >> we have, like, grown up with him. so for every book he's been one year older and so have we. >> i grew up with harry potter. i don't know what my life would have been without it. it's like sort of growing up with a friend, a real friend. so it's weird after this movie it won't be there anymore. >> whatever your view of the harry potter stories, and they do leave some people cold, this level of devotion does seem extraordinary. no other franchise has had quite this impact on a generation of children. it is the end of an era. >> very emotional. but i think it's a good time to move on. because we've all grown up now. >> the people who don't get harry potter, what do you say? >> what?
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i don't want to talk to you. [laughter] >> we'll keep you up to date with that and plenty more on our website, you're watching "bbc world news." >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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